Drake Music Commission: Rebekah Ubuntu – ‘Ecologies of Reflection: An Embodied Process’


This piece was created by Rebekah Ubuntu as part of their Drake Music residency of 2022.

Rebekah Ubuntu is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, university lecturer and artist mentor based between London and Kent, UK.

Their practice explores speculative fiction, ecologies and belonging through voice and sound art, electronic music (composition and improvisation), moving image, writing and performance. She also co-creates in mixed reality, installation, radio, podcasts and workshops.

Rebekah Ubuntu identifies as Black, queer, genderqueer and disabled. Transfeminist, disability, climate and healing justice perspectives and practices are central components of their praxis and research.


Sound Design, Performance, Mixing and Mastering – Rebekah Ubuntu

Photography and film documentation – Jaime Peschiera (who also provided invaluable emotional support)

Recorded at The Wysing Polyphonic Studio (Wysing Arts Centre) with support from resident sound engineer Lottie Poulet

Audio Description – Michael Achtman
Subtitles – Stagetext