skoog logo_0“The Skoog is a very flexible, tactile instrument with an extensive learning curve it presents some interesting new ideas to assistive music technology. It particularly comes into its own when working one on one with a participant – its varied user settings (novice, advanced, expert) allow for a real skill development. On playing in novice mode the user can achieve musical results quite easily, however switch it to expert mode and it requires an considered amount of control to strike a note and sustain it at the same pitch – as with any conventional musical instrument. This sort of thinking is refreshing, and ideal for the classroom situation where extensive reprogramming of assistive musical instruments is not ideal. In my view it is the forward thinking software element of Skoog which is one of its key strengths – it presents the user with a plethora of options, but in a neat software bundle that is intuitive even to those not so familiar with the music technology softwares.” – DM Associate Musician