Hacking To Make Music Accessible


On Sunday 21 April  Drake Music will run a hackday to create and share new instruments that break down disabling barriers to music making. Run in partnership with Furtherfield and Music Hackspace, makers will have the opportunity to work towards one of two prizes for the most innovative work.

The Accessible Music Hack Day is part of Drake Music’s new R&D programme, which aims to:

  • Increase the number of instruments available to those facing disabling barriers
  • Engage with makers and developers in a spirit of openness for the benefit of the community
  • Test and distribute best practice in assistive music technology (AMT)

As of January 2013 there are only 6 widely available solutions for accessible music making. In contrast an orchestra is made up of at least 19 instrument types, rock and pop frequently uses 4 or more types and the instruments used in world, electronic, jazz and folk musics add up to a rich and diverse pallet of choice for most aspiring musicians. This disparity needs to be bridged, in particular with the development of more expressive musical instruments for those facing barriers to music making.

‘Hacking To Make Music Accessible’ is developed with and supported by Music Hackspace and Furtherfield.  This event is also a precursor to a series of projects and initiatives which will be hosted at the WeShare Lab later this year.

“I have been bowled over by the enthusiasm and seriousness of the hacking community when faced with the question of how we can create and develop new tools to make music making accessible. This event is the first of many, and allows us to collaborate with the widest range of talent in creating the most innovative tools for a sector that desperately needs them.“

For more information see Gawain’s Hackday for Accessible Music blog post.

Contact  gawainhewitt@drakemusic.org

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