A Street Guitar Concerto inside a Bowler Hat!


The City of London Festival in partnership with Drake Music invites you to the performance of a Street Guitar Concerto on the 3rd July 2014. Pupils from Swanlea School, Richard Cloudesley and Linden Lodge have worked with Drake Music Associate Musician Gary Day to compose a piece of music inspired by the Festival’s Rock The Boat Street Guitars using assistive music technology and traditional instruments.

This performance is the culmination of a series of 6 accessible music sessions in which all participants accessed and participated fully in the creative process.

There will be two performances, firstly next to a pop up Street Guitar and secondly inside an inflatable pop-up venue in the shape of a bowler hat in Paternoster Square.

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Performance 1 – 11:15am-12:00pm: Millenium Bridge (North Side)Performance 2 – 12:45pm-13:00pm: Paternoster Square bowler hat.