Sounds Of Intent Session – Amy playing the electric guitar using iPad app Thumb Jam

This video is from one of the Sounds Of Intent sessions currently taking place at Cherry Garden School in Bermondsey, London.

In the video, Amy is playing the electric guitar using an iPad app called Thumb Jam. There is also a wireless microphone placed beside the iPad which is picking up the music, making it sound louder and it also creates an echo effect as the microphone is connected to an effects unit:Wireless microphone with effects unit.

The iPad has been set up with the Guided Access accessibility feature, which means you can set up apps to lock out different parts of the screen – for example, in this video, guided access has been set up to lock the controls situated on the left and right hand sides of the screen – this means that Amy can move her hand anywhere on the screen without accidently closing the app, or opening different settings, which would then take the app out of performance mode.

Thumb Jam iPad App

Also note how the Teaching Assistant is providing Amy with appropriate support under her arm, which helps her to move her hand on the screen.

This is the third time that Amy has used the Thumb Jam app during our Sounds Of Intent sessions and she is enjoying playing music.