Close up of hands holding a plywood box with switches on it

If you’re a maker, hacker, technologist… however you like to be labelled, we’d welcome you to get involved with our DMLab community.

We are connected with an amazing group of volunteer makers who bring their ingenuity, technical knowledge and soldering skills to bear on new accessible instruments.

We run challenges and events to bring people together and love to introduce makers to musicians to see what weird and wonderful ideas emerge!

We are committed to open source principles in order to advance knowledge and opportunity for disabled musicians, now and in the future.

Being part of our DMLab community means connecting in with people who are passionate about making, music and equality.

You can make kit which will go out into the world and be used by musicians on stage, or music leaders in a classroom or you can bring ideas and suggestions and work on instruments which are never finished.

There are no strict criteria to follow, we are just looking to meet other people with passion who want to push the boundaries of accessibility in music tech.

If you’d like to know more please do consider joining us for an event, or drop us an email.