Wheelchair One-Man-Band

Steve poses with his synth and keyboard wearing a brightly coloured shirt and a hat with flowers on

Steve Varden got involved with DMLab North West as part of the Innovation Challenge where teams of technologists and musicians worked together to create a new piece of accessible music tech in four weeks.

Steve had the idea for a new creation which would enable him to be mobile on stage and make music while moving around.

His proposal for a solar powered electric wheelchair one-man band won one of the four DMLab NW innovation challenge awards and he went on to develop his idea to a ‘proof of concept’ stage.

He is now composing new music for his loop trio, working with a cello and strutti box-playing vocalist, and a percussionist dancer who plays the xylophone whilst hand standing.

Steve is also now part of our PRS Talent Development Programme and will be making full use of his mobile musical abilities to create his new commission.