DMLab North West

Three people smile at the camera, Hannah has blond hair, a fringe and wears a patterned cardigan

Steve plays his new 'one man band' kit in ManchesterDMLab North West is the Manchester-based part of Drake Music’s pioneering research and development work into new accessible musical instruments.

It’s a friendly monthly meet-up for people interested in music and accessibility. Together we collaborate, experiment, and find new ways to use technology to build accessible musical instruments for Disabled musicians.

  • Are you a Disabled musician interested in finding out more about how tech can help you develop your sound?
  • Are you a technologist/maker interested in music and sound?
  • Are you a Disabled person who isn’t yet a musician but would like to be?

Then DMLab North West is for you!

Sam, Billy and Andy at DMLab. Sam is holding a reimagined version of a Guitar Hero guitar which now is an actual instrument

Our Events

DMLab North West holds monthly open, accessible, participatory events from 6-7.30pm, currently via Zoom:

  • April 25th 2022

Meetings bring together Disabled musicians, music technologists, coders and instrument-makers to discuss and develop innovative projects. DMLab North West is open to all – we are a friendly and supportive community of creative, collaborative individuals committed to opening up opportunities for Disabled people of all ages to access music.

At DMLab meetings:

  • Experiments are explored
  • Challenges are set and overcome
  • Instruments are invented
  • Music is made

DMLab events are inclusive, fun, relaxed and informal.

“The meetings are super fun. That’s what I really enjoy. It is just a really good bunch of people and they’re really into what they’re doing. Intelligent, interesting, friendly people.”
DMLab North West participant

Mike Cook demonstrates his ArduinoCaster accessible guitar

Since March 2020, monthly DMLab North West events have taken place via Zoom, however we are hoping to hold hybrid live/online events in the future.

How to join in

If you’d like to attend DMLab North West, please contact:

DMLab North West is generously supported by:

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