Kris Halpin - Winter of 82

Disabled musicians are a key driver of our accessible music tech research and development work.

We bring musicians together with technologists to build new instruments without access barriers for that player.

This can be for people who have not been able to independently play music before because of access barriers, or it can be musicians who want to develop virtuosity on an instrument and need support to find the right kit to work with.

The Kellycaster is a great example of this. John wanted to play guitar and to develop his musicianship on a quality instrument. The shape and size of the body of the Kellycaster are designed to fit him perfectly, and the strings and chord interface are fitted to his hands and playing style.

What’s in it for me?

While it depends on the situation and each one is different, there are many potential benefits for musicians who get involved with DMLab including:

  • The opportunity to be involved with making and designing your own instrument
  • Removal or minimising of access barriers
  • New creative avenues to explore
  • The opportunity to  be at the cutting edge of music tech
  • Being involved with a passionate community of musicians and makers
  • Driving accessibility in music forward

Getting involved

If you are a disabled musician interested in working with DMLab the best thing we can suggest is to come along to a meeting.

If that is not accessible to you for any reason, then get in touch via email and we can have a conversation.

Most of our DMLab community are volunteers, so we can’t guarantee what the outcome of your collaboration will be, or whether we will be able to work with you straight away.