Tone Ruler

The Tone Ruler is an ultrasonic instrument broadly in the tradition of the Soundbeam, although with a different feature set and design ethos.

Tone Ruler

Designed completely from scratch, it runs on custom digital hardware designed and built entirely by Mo.

The Tone Ruler is battery operated, portable and has a built in speaker, making a considerable difference to both the affordability and the scope of the product.

Mo working on the Tone Ruler

Additionally its price point is likely to be considerably cheaper than the Soundbeam

At present we have a Mk1 prototype in the Drake Music office. Mo is currently working on a batch of more advanced prototypes from his secret lab in Portugal.

The Tone Ruler is being supported by Drake Music’s prototype support programme which is a small cash investment towards prototyping costs, assisting the designer in taking the project forward.

Tone Ruler in pieces - accessible music technology