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WANTED: disabled DJs / musicians / producers for free accessible music course in Manchester

10. December 2014 - 16:16

Drake Music is inviting disabled DJs/producers/musicians aged 18+ from across the North West to apply to be part of a free week-long accessible DJ/production course led by MOBO Award nominated jazz composer and DJ, Matthew Halsall. The course is suitable for beginners and more experienced musicians.

inGrid in London

6. December 2014 - 10:27
Dr Brendan McCloskey (University of Ulster's School of creative Arts and Technology) introduces new accessible instrument inGrid

Dr Brendan McCloskey (University of Ulster's School of creative Arts and Technology) visited the Drake Music offices in London on December 5th to introduce his prototype accessible instrument 'inGrid'. The video below is of an informal group jamming session featuring inGrid, iPad app Thumbjam, acoustic guitar and electric bass. 



EyeGaze composing with E-Scape

1. December 2014 - 15:16
Screen-shot of Bram using E-Scape software

This is the second of two blog posts on my work with BBC Performing Arts Fund fellow Bram Harrison a.k.a DJ Eyetech. Bram describes himself as living with ‘locked in syndrome’ and we’ve been working together to enable him to make music on his EyeGaze computer.

Starting out at Drake Music

23. October 2014 - 14:45

It's been four weeks since I started here at Drake Music London and it has been a wonderfully varied and jam packed time. I have met a number of musicians, read a number of reports about past projects, met all of the wonderful team based in the office and been lucky enough to observe a Ramp it Up Project, in action in a school in Southwark. It was an amazing experience for me and really stood to highlight how powerful a tool music can be when used well.

'inGrid' - A unique and collaboratively designed accessible musical instrument.

16. October 2014 - 16:38

We are delighted that Dr Brendan McCloskey (University of Ulster's School of Creative Technologies) will be visiting our London offices on December 5th to introduce a unique and collaboratively designed accessible musical instrument called 'inGrid'.

#DM20 Commission - Roots

10. October 2014 - 22:01
Image: Brass Tibetan singing bowl with wooden beater resting inside it

The seed of the idea for my #DM20 commission came during a conversation in a music workshop with a girl who used cochlear implants. We were working on a project with Create and Sense UK, and she was expressing her displeasure at the sound her sister was making with a Tibetan singing bowl: "I like all music, but I don't like that!" was her basic message.

“Challenging the way we work to grow what we do”

17. September 2014 - 14:09

this image shows the Drake Music logo, with D and M in bold, black capital letters I’ve recently been having meetings to look at Drake Music’s strategy for the next three years and beyond. In some senses this blog post is me thinking aloud, and it might sound like that, but I think it is important to share my thinking about the evolution of this wonderful organisation.

Connect and Collaborate London: 3rd Commission

19. August 2014 - 15:09

Following the success of Drake Music Connect and Collaborate London's music and video commissions In Motion and Ethnomusicality, we recently commissioned DM Associate Musician Gary Day to direct a reinterpretion/re-imagination of an existing song/piece of music, working with a small group of disabled musicians using assistive music technology (AMT).

Chinatown My Chinatown

8. August 2014 - 8:43

I was recently commissioned by Drake Music's 'Connect and Collaborate' strand (C&C) to reinterpret an existing piece of music, working with 3 experienced disabled musicians to compose and record the new piece over 3 sessions, using assistive music technology (AMT).

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