Planted Symphony

White paper flowers shaped like pom poms stand on sticks in the musical garden.

A collaboration between Drake Music and Arts & Gardens.

Planted Symphony asked the question “what if a garden could make music”?

First performed as Part of Liberty Festival 2017 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Planted Symphony is a playful, music-led performance, where the audience becomes players in an orchestra as they journey through different sonic areas in the garden; strings, voice and percussion. If you’ve ever dreamed of smelling a flower and hearing music, hugging a tree and hearing it sing, playing a park bench like a xylophone; then this is for you.

Planted Symphony is a truly innovative interactive performance which works holistically within a variety of green space which allows audiences to listen to the music of nature (with a little bit of help from tech!).

Planted Symphony combines the skills of Drake Music’s Assistive Music Technology and Arts and Gardens unique approach to connecting people with green spaces, resulting in an outdoor  musical experience for people of all ages to enjoy.