Inclusive Creativity

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A ground-breaking UK-wide participatory project for disabled and non-disabled musicians, using assistive music technology (AMT).

Inclusive Creativity brings together musicians and composers from three arts organizations across the UK (Derry/Londonderry, Orkney and London), to research and develop participant-led routes into collaborative music-making using AMT.

Image: Ulster University, Walled City Music, Drake Music & St Magnus International Festival logosInclusive Creativity is a concept devised by composer and Professor of Music Frank Lyons at Ulster University, in collaboration with key partners such as Share Music Sweden, Drake Music and Stravaganza, which aims to level the playing field in performance and composition for disabled musicians by developing new technologies and methodologies for their use.

Under the direction of Professor Frank Lyons, Walled City Music in Derry/Londonderry will develop an ensemble of disabled and non-disabled artists who will meet, improvise and compose music together over the summer of 2015, using AMT and more conventional musical instruments.

Members of the ensemble will travel to Orkney in September to join professional musicians and composers in pilot sessions relating to St. Magnus International Festival’s internationally acclaimed Composers’ Course.

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The composers and musicians will work together to explore uses of AMT and to compose new music which examines the integration of AMT and different levels of musical ability. The composers will also investigate the potential for new types of notation, which might be used universally with AMT users.

This project runs from June to October 2015, and is one of fourteen consortia supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, as part of Sharing the Stage, to support participatory performing arts practices.

For all enquiries and full press release, please contact Mary Paterson, Creative Producer, Drake Music

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