Arts & Collaborations

Photo composite: composer with score / graphic light projections / 2 dancers on stage / musician with harp

At Drake Music we aim to place disabled musicians at the heart of innovative creative processes and to create high quality musical experiences for our audiences and artists. Through our Artistic Development programme, we aim to support disabled musicians to develop their work and careers so that they can play a major part in the wider landscape of the arts and culture.

We do this in many ways: including running regional projects such as Connect and Collaborate London; Laboratory days; and Jam & Scratch days, where musicians can play together and test out new work on an audience. We are also developing new projects across different platforms, collaborating with artists and companies from other disciplines – such as writers, visual artists, filmmakers and dancers – creating live performances, online experiences and films/videos.

“I’m a great believer that if you are already dreaming of something it’s possible, it’s happening. And sometimes it is these extra barriers and challenges and bridges that you have to cross that make the situation unique and powerful and it’s those individuals who truly do make a difference and touch a lot of people’s lives.”  Evelyn Glennie DBE – Musician