Headshot of Lisa Heywood, a white woman in her 30s with short brown hair and glasses.

Lisa Heywood

Project Manager

Lisa Heywood joined Drake Music in March 2022, working on the Drake Music Collective project. She has a background in Science Communication, but her work has crossed over into the arts at many junctions. She has held a variety of roles, including as a presenter, workshop facilitator, project manager and events organiser.

Lisa also has considerable experience as a folk dance teacher, where she continues to work on developing an inclusive and reflective practice.

Latest post by Lisa Heywood:

Photograph of Sha, an East Asian woman in her 30s, standing on a road against a cloudy sky. She has long dark brown hair and is wearing all white, flared polkadot see-through bottoms, a white organza fluffy top and roller skates.

Catching up with 2022 Emergent Artist Sha Supangan

Join us as we reflect on the transformative power of our Drake Music Collective programme. In this blog, we’re catching up with SingSkateDJ, writer, speaker, and podcast host Sha Supangan. […]

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