Composer Kerry Andrews conducts children and young people for Drake Music's Connecting Across Difference project

Our Vision

Non-disabled people can make music in many ways and at many different levels. Our vision is a world where disabled people have the same range of opportunities, and a culture of integrated music-making, where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals.


Our Mission

Drake Music breaks down disabling barriers to music through innovative approaches to teaching, learning and making music. Our focus is on nurturing creativity through exploring music and technology in imaginative ways. We put quality music-making at the heart of everything we do, connecting disabled and non-disabled people locally, nationally and internationally. Through our diverse offer, DM continues to explore different ways of working at the intersection of music, disability, art & technology and break new ground artistically and in terms of participatory practice.

Who We Are

Drake Music is a dynamic music and technology hub, founded in 1988 by Adele Drake. For over twenty years we have pioneered the use of assistive music technology to make music accessible and have developed a wealth of innovative and imaginative approaches to teaching, learning and making music. Central to our work is the belief that everyone can fulfill their creative and musical potential given the right opportunities. 

Drake Music is a small organisation with a national remit with regional bases in Bristol, London and Manchester. Our national office is in East London - a team of some forty associate musicians/artists/technologists deliver programmes across the South West, London/South East and North West. We work in partnership with schools, universities, arts organisations, local authorities, music services, software and hardware developers as well as musicians, technologists, composers and artists from other disciplines.  

Registered Charity No. 1034374 / Ltd Company No. 2868675


We aim to 

    • Widen access, engender genuine musical development and increase the number of confident disabled musicians at every level.

    • Bring disabled musicians into contact with performers and composers at the highest level of music-making, to create a body of new work for disabled solo performers, ensembles and mixed ensembles. 

    • Empower the musician and develop their capabilities to pass on skills to others, thereby encouraging equality of participation and collaboration in music-making by disabled and non-disabled people.

    • Explore, research and develop new ways of working, music-making and using assistive technology, and develop and share good practice.

Registered Charity No. 1034374
Ltd Company No. 2868675

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