Expressions of Interest – Music leaders/technologists

Drake Music works with Disabled musicians of all ages and experiences to open new opportunities in music and music making, utilising technology to break down disabling barriers.

Across our programmes, we work in partnership with schools, music education hubs, day centres and other music organisations delivering a broad range of activity, from inclusive ensembles, to creative schools projects to CPD training for music educators.  Our technologists develop completely new accessible instruments and technologies, in collaboration with Disabled musicians.

Music leaders

We are always interested to hear from talented musicians who can help us deliver our vision and increase access and opportunities for musicians facing disabling barriers, e.g. with practical experience of leading or assisting workshops with Disabled young people and adults using music technology.

Music Technologists

We also are always keen to hear from experienced instrument builders and technologists to support our musicians and workshop leaders and to be part of our R&D programme developing new accessible music tech. This could range from working with existing tech like iPads and Soundbeams in workshop sessions, to developing simple instruments with tech like Bare Conductive Touchboards and Micro:bits through to working with individual disabled musicians to develop new cutting edge bespoke accessible instruments.

There is no ‘typical day’ at Drake Music, but here are a few illustrative examples of what our Associate Musicians might be doing at any given time:

  • Delivering weekly music making sessions in schools whilst training teachers and support staff on how to use iPad apps and other music technologies
  • Facilitating a music ensemble with a mixed group of Disabled and non- Disabled young people to create new music, rehearse and develop their skills
  • Contributing to bespoke creative projects with hackers, technologists and partner organisations to facilitate fun new ways of making music

If you are still interested in working with us and think you would be a good fit, please send us a short (maximum one page) statement that tells us:

  • why are are interested in working for Drake Music
  • your experience of music leading & using music tech
  • your experience of working with Disabled young people/adults in a music setting
  • your experience with instrument making/hacking (if interested in becoming a technologist)

If a written statement presents any barriers for you, we are also happy to receive this information in an alternative format, such as a video or audio recording. Please also send an example of your work with reference to your work experience either as a cv or similar, video, or any other example of your work.

Please note: Drake Music Associate Musicians work on a freelance ad-hoc basis and there is no guarantee of work. We deliver projects nationally across the year and music leaders are offered work according to the skills required for each project, geographical fit and availability. This means that there might be periods where there is no suitable work offered, but also periods where music leaders can work on one or several projects at any given time.


If you think you would be a good fit for us, contact