“Will we…” by Ben Lunn


Listen to cellist Georgina Aasgaard performing a stunning new work by Disabled composer Ben Lunn at the Imperial War Museum North.

Drake Music were the commissioned Creative Associates at Imperial War Museum North’s 2019 “Breaking The Silence” event for Remembrance Sunday.

Young Disabled musicians and composers worked together with our creative team to make new music for three live performances.

This video shows the full performance of Ben Lunn’s new work.

Ben talked about his work at the event:
“My name is Ben Lunn – I am a Disabled composer. I wrote the piece you just heard, performed by the wonderful Georgina Aasgaard on cello.

The piece is called “Will We…” and was written to highlight hidden acts of heroism across Europe during the second world war, which we often forget when remembering the fallen.

The fragments of sound flickering under the cello are cut up sections of 1940s rebel songs from Belorussian Partisans, Yiddish Anti-Fascists, Soviets and more…

The images you see projected on the walls around you are ones I have chosen from IWM’s archives to give a hint to the broad activities of these groups.”

The event, themed around Remembrance, was curated and produced by DM NW Project Manager, Abigail Ward.