Drake Music Commission: Andreas Lopez ‘An Odyssey’


Artist: Andreas Lopez
Title: An Odyssey
Sound engineer: Charles Matthews
Partner: WAC Arts

Drake Music was pleased to award, in partnership with WAC Arts, the ‘Emerge’ Commission for musicians aged 16-30, to Andreas Lopez-Muro Alfaya Y Frias.

For the first live performance of the commissioned piece Andreas took to the ICA stage for some incredible ‘live shredding’ on guitar coupled with dramatic use of iPad and keyboards.

Andreas says that the inspiration for his piece was:

The Greek mythology where a crew gets shipwrecked into a rocky island with creatures that sing to them and temp them. Also the symphony x album – the odyssey 

I started with a guitar riff and most of my takes were split up by sections of the piece for I didn’t do it in one take. I used garage band live drummer to jam with me as a created the guitar riff then after i exported them to Logic Pro 9 and edited them into the song structure I wanted. Afterwards I added synth and bass and mixed the recording. Afterwards I gave my mentor the isolated tracks for him to mix during the soundcheck

This commission is part of our Connect & Collaborate London programme to bring disabled musicians together to jam, discuss, make and perform music.

It was premiered live at the ICA London in 2017 at our DMResonate event.