DMLab Events

Two men are playing music with an iPad and smiling

DMLab runs in London and Manchester.

We meet up to talk music and tech, have a go on new instruments, hear about innovative ideas and play new music.

If you’ve got questions, check out our DMLab FAQs and hopefully you’ll find out what you need to know.

Upcoming Events

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The next DMLab London will be taking place on 3rd March 2020.

Past Events


  • DMLab London – Nov 2019 – A performance-led event featuring music from Kris Halpin on the MiMu Gloves, Hannah Shelmerdine with her Hannah Harp and Jason Dasent talking us through how kit can work for Visually Impaired producers.
  • DMLab London – Oct 2019 – A making-led event in collaboration with British-Canadian music, tech & access project Blurring the Boundaries.
  • DMLab London – Aug 2019 – A female-led event hearing from cellist Jo-anne Cox about incorporating tech into performance and maker Dani Clode about her Third Thumb project.
  • DMLab London – Relaunch 2019 – A relaunch party with performances and discussion from John Kelly, Dike Okoh and Oliver Cross and a headline slot from DJ Arthro.

Two young women hold a speaker and play an electronic instrumentClose up on the third thumb - a plastic jointed thumb device which attaches to the hand opposite the actual thumbAudience clapping at a DMLab eventTwo men are playing music with an iPad and smilingDike sings into a microphone, he is a black man wearing a slouchy beany hatCharles demonstrates the iPad bed bug app he created for Jo-Anne CoxJohn Kelly playing the kellycaster, a guitar with a short neck and electronic chords