Tim Yates

Research & Development Programme Leader & Associate Musician

Tim Yates is a sound-artist and musician working in a variety of media from found objects to interactive software installations. He makes, builds and finds instruments of all kinds for performance and installation. He has shown work at the Tate Modern, the V&A and Soundfjord amongst many other places.

Tim is the founder and Director of Hackoustic, a group dedicated to hacking and experimenting with sound. As part of the Hackoustic team he has run numerous events of many types including running a four day festival as part of WeAreRobots in London, presenting over 35 sound-artists, musicians and scientists, and curating and producing 12 projects and 9 artists on the first night of the Tate Late event.

He performs experimental and free-improvisation gigs regularly in a variety of groups, including with his group YOAF and is part of the group that runs the Convivium concert series. He is a classically trained guitarist and holds a Masters degree in composition from
the Royal College of Music. He is an experienced classical guitar teacher with 14 years teaching experience.

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