The artist Rebekah Ubuntu is DJ-ing on a sparkling turquoise audio mixer. They have braided cyan coloured hair and wear a gold sequinned jacket and colourful light-up rings on their fingers. Behind them are paintings on a white gallery wall.

Rebekah Ubuntu

Artist in Resident

Rebekah is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, university lecturer and artist mentor based in London.

Their practice explores speculative fiction, ecologies and belonging through voice and sound art, electronic music (composition and improvisation), moving image, writing and performance. They also co-create in mixed reality, installation, podcasts and workshops.


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A black and white photograph of a white woman with brown hair. She’s wearing a ribbed, high neck jumper. In the background is a studio space with a keyboard and shelves on the wall.

Drake Music Commission: Florence Anna Maunders – ‘Harbingers of Change: Eight of Cups’

This piece is directly inspired by the imagery and classical interpretations of certain cards in a tarot deck.

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