A white woman with short dark hair. She has green eyes, a white t-shirt and is standing in front of some red geranium plants.

Abigail Ward

Creative Facilitator - North West

Abigail Ward is a neurodivergent music producer, DJ and writer based in Manchester. Since 2012 she has overseen over 30 projects for Drake Music. She currently works for DM as an occasional consultant and blog writer.  Abigail is an Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice grantee.


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A black and white photograph of a white woman with brown hair. She’s wearing a ribbed, high neck jumper. In the background is a studio space with a keyboard and shelves on the wall.

Drake Music Commission: Florence Anna Maunders – ‘Harbingers of Change: Eight of Cups’

This piece is directly inspired by the imagery and classical interpretations of certain cards in a tarot deck.

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