Photograph of Tim Yates

Tim Yates

Head of Research and Innovation

Tim is an award winning instrument developer, sound-artist, musician and technologist who has been working for Drake Music since 2017. Over that time he’s had various roles including as an accessible instrument developer, workshop leader, producer and, from 2019-2021, leading the R&D program. He has returned as of September 2023 as Head of Research and Innovation, responsible for the development of AMIC, the Accessible Musical Instrument Collection, and for pushing forward the instrument research and development program.

Tim is also co-founder and director of Hackoustic, a collective of sound-artists, musicians, engineers and scientists exploring innovative ways of making music with technology. Alongside his role at DM, he is doing a PhD at the University of Greenwich conducting practice based research into immersive, interactive sound installations using multichannel sound.