Seasons 4.0

Image: 3 musicians playing accordion, clarinet & double bass; 2 dancers, one seated, the other bending over her; Text: Seasons 4.0

Seasons 4.0 (formerly ‘Seasonal Fluctuations’) is a re-imagining of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, using electro-acoustic music, contemporary dance and digital technology.

The project was led by disabled composer Sonia Allori, in collaboration with dancer Sheron Wray, technologist Fleeta J Chew Siegel and dramaturg Danny Braverman.

The team first worked together in October 2013, to develop ideas for ‘Autumn’. In 2014 Seasons 4.0 received funding from Unlimited for a period of research and development, culminating in a showing of ‘Summer’ at Rich Mix, London – a 25 minute piece for three musicians, two dancers and audience participation.

Watch Ivan Riches’ film of the R&D period here: Seasons 4.0 Documentary

Seasons 4.0 was supported by Drake Music through the Rayne Foundation, Arts Council Catalyst and our DM Connect & Collaborate London programme.