Sounds of Intent framework

iPad used for music

We offer 10 week training and delivery programmes in the Sounds of Intent assessment framework for schools & teachers.

Sounds of Intent is an assessment framework for those making music with children and young people with learning difficulties (ranging from PMLD to SLD to autism).

Sounds of Intent is designed to help teachers and parents relate what they observe in music sessions with a child into more concrete statements/ levels.

These levels are then used to plan activities that will support progression to the next level within appropriate timescales.

What is Sounds of Intent?

From the SOI website:

The aim of Sounds of Intent is to investigate and promote the musical development of children and young people with learning difficulties – although the system can also be used effectively with adults.

The research team has developed a framework of musical development that covers the whole range of ability from profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) to those with autism, with or without exceptional musical abilities.

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