Kazumi by Luis Zayas 

Kazumi is a self-contained instrument being developed by recent product design graduate Luis Zayas and is like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Kazumi - new music tech

Each of the seven surfaces is a touch-pad that, depending on how the structure is rotated on its base, either triggers or modulates sounds.

Playing music on Kazumi is a tactile, sensual experience, hands exploring and caressing to draw different notes from the integrated speaker.

Zayas approached Drake Music with the initial idea, and has been iterating new prototypes, focusing each on open-source and customisable components so that musicians and makers can use it as a springboard for further learning.

Experimental and immediately accessible, Kazumi is something to play, and therein lies its wonderful attraction, drawing those into music-making those who might feel alienated by more traditional instruments.

Kazumi new instrument technology