Sharing Knowledge

Image: photo of young woman controlling midi sounds via switches and Sounbeam

Developments in music technology have improved access to music making for disabled musicians and have made more active, creative participation possible now than ever before.

As part of our work we invest time in sharing what is already possible with disabled people, to better allow people to understand the potential of the music technology available to them, and therefore inspire and support musicians of all ages.

Drake Music runs occasional events where disabled musicians are invited to work with our music technology experts to explore machines and software, and push their creativity forward.

Part of our role is to advocate for better opportunities for musical involvement and progression for disabled people of all ages and levels. To do this we share our research and knowledge with the wider arts, education and technology communities, in order to drive forward the agenda for improvements in accessible music technology.

Our R&D work is documented on the Drake Music Blog and we also share updates and useful information on the @DrakeMusicRandD twitter account.