Prototyping & Product Support

Image: 2 close up photos of wires and electronic components with DM logo

Drake Music believes that innovative ideas need support to develop. We work with technologists, coders and developers to help them see their ideas for new accessible music technology through from initial conception to completion.

As part of that process we have a limited number of support packages available to allow for more advanced development of new musical instruments.

These support packages are a combination of financial and in-kind support to allow for prototyping and testing, both with artists and in schools. We provide expertise, tools, technology and settings in which to experiment with brand new technologies and help to improve and develop them further.

Prototyping Awards

Currently we offer awards at our discretion to products that we have worked with through our hack events. For example, we awarded prototyping support to an ultrasonic musical instrument being built by two developers who are an active part of our Drake Music R&D community.

The product they are working on turns movement into musical notes. It will very small and powered by a battery. It will allow a wide range of people to make music with simple movements and gestures. The prototyping support from Drake Music will enable them to take their work from the early concept stage through to being a physical product which is ready to be tested.