Creative Coding

Learn to build an accessible musical instrument!

Coding is the language which controls computers: it is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites.

Learning coding skills empowers young people to understand the technology shaping our world and our future.

Creative Coding is a 10 week course delivered in schools which enables young disabled people to create their own bespoke musical instruments.

We work with students to build their very own instrument tailored to their personal access needs.

We use cutting-edge coding technology which is free to use and accessible to all.

Info for Schools

  • Workshops delivered by trained Drake Music Associate Musicians
  • Suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4 level learners
  • Flexible to suit a group of mixed ability, content tailored to the class
  • Extra content to carry on coding after the project ends

Find Out More

Contact Tom McGrath via email or call our offices on 020 7739 5444.