Connect & Collaborate London

Connect & Collaborate London was a 3 year programme of events which aims to increase opportunity and visibility for disabled  artists, musicians and sound artists.

The project was funded by City Bridge Trust.

The initial idea was to consider how musicians could develop their work by being connected with other artists from different backgrounds and genres. This resulted in innovative projects like Sonia Allori’s Seasons 4.0.

The third and final year was designed to:

  • create opportunities for disabled musicians
  • increase the visibility of music made by disabled artists
  • connect in with mainstream venues.

This work is part of our mission to break down disabling barriers to music and to work towards a culture of integrated music-making, where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals with the same access to opportunities.

We believe that increased visibility of high quality work by disabled artists will contribute to higher aspirations for young disabled musicians and a greater equality of opportunity in the sector.

Watch this video of the story so far:

What was involved?

  1. DM Collaborate – meet ups & networking events for disabled musicians in London
  2. CPD work with professional disabled musicians
  3. Commissions for emerging and established disabled artists
  4. Provocations and presentations on hot topics in the sector
  5. A final showcase event in early 2017

It is vital to develop a more inclusive arts sector, to shift perceptions of disabled musicians and to ensure that disabled voices are part of our collective cultural experience.

The Connect & Collaborate London legacy project is about building on the successes of the past two years and creating real, long-lasting change for the arts sector and disabled musicians.

We hope to create a space for networking and collaboration which can be sustainable once the project finishes, with closer relationships forged between individual disabled artists, musicians and venues and the music and arts sector as a whole.

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