Paid trainee opportunity for Deaf/Disabled musicians


Emergent: A Music Legacy Trainees provides paid ‘on the job’ training opportunities for emerging Deaf/Disabled music leaders/musicians. This includes mentoring from established music leaders, and training in the use of tech in music.

Disabled musicians are under-represented as music facilitators, teachers and leaders. We are working to change that by training more Deaf/Disabled musicians and by campaigning for a more diverse workforce across the sector.

A music leader holds out both arms with her palms up as she tells the group of young musicians to stop playing

The opportunity

We are now recruiting for paid trainee placements in London, Liverpool and The Midlands. Applicants are welcome from across he country, but the placements will be in the locations above.

This is an opportunity for Deaf/Disabled musicians at or near the beginning of their careers to develop new skills to support them to establish a portfolio career.

Over 5 paid half-day sessions on Drake Music Learning and Participation projects you can build your skills and experience in:

  • facilitating and teaching music making workshops
  • working with a variety of different participants
  • using a range of styles of music and approach
  • using music technology in workshops & classes

Previous placements have included music making projects within school settings and adult music ensembles.

What does the training involve?

The Emergent: A Music Legacy Trainees programme is a paid ‘on the job’ training programme for emerging Deaf/Disabled musicians who want to develop their practice as music facilitators.

Trainees will:

  • Work alongside Drake Music Associate Musicians in a support role on an upcoming participatory project.
  • Meet other trainees and take part in training days that explore the development of their own music practice.
  • Undertake 3 days’ worth of individual mentoring from an established DM Associate Musician. This will focus on facilitation skills, techniques and personal development goals to develop ways to sustain their professional career.
  • Be involved with sharing their experience through Drake Music networks (e.g. blogging, tweeting, film).

Placements will start in September.

About Emergent

Emergent: A Music Legacy, now in its final year, is a 3-year Drake Music programme funded by Help Musicians UK in response to the needs and requests we get from Disabled musicians to widen their portfolio of work opportunities within the music sector.

At Drake Music we work with a wide array of musicians and facilitators as part of our Learning and Participation team. Their backgrounds include everything from classical music, to music production, through to sound art installations.

The one passion that connects these musicians – and our work – is how technology, such as iPads, SoundBeam or bespoke musical instruments, can be used to make music accessible for all.

A new partnership

New for this year is a partnership with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, offering one trainee placement on the London Youth Folk Ensemble.

Set up by EFDSS in 2013, the London Youth Folk Ensemble is a group of young musicians who explore and arrange traditional folk repertoire, as well as develop their own material.

How do I apply?

To apply for this opportunity please send the following:

  • CV or similar, with particular reference to your musical experience
  • Details of one referee who knows you well. It can be professional or personal
  • 500 words about why you are applying for this opportunity
  • 500 words describing your musical practice
  • 250 words on any mentoring or support you feel you may benefit from, in relation to your practice

We are happy to accept your application in different formats, such as video or audio files.

If you require Drake Music to make any reasonable adjustments to the proposal process, please do get in touch to discuss. We are happy to make any reasonable adjustments as required.

Apply now:

Send your applications to:

Deadline for applications:
12pm, Thursday 20 June 2019