International work in Amsterdam


The UK is a leading force in accessible music-making and, as such, Drake Music are often invited to share our learning with arts and music organisations internationally.

As well as working in Japan, this year we are guest speakers at the My Music Ability conference in Amsterdam and will be Artists-in-Residence in the week leading up to it.

Tim Yates and Ben Lunn will be in residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam from 21st to 23rd March, and will be leading workshops and giving a short performance at the conference itself.

The conference is about understanding what good practice exists in the Netherlands and also internationally and will focus on the following four aspects:

  • Inclusiveness: what works and what does not?
  • Professional approach: how do you work on quality & talent development?
  • Practical methods, with successful examples.
  • New music technologies: how do you use and develop them?

The conference partners are Lectoraat Kunsteducatie from AHK, FCP and Conservatorium van Amsterdam.