House of Mirrors Sensory Experience


In partnership with Drake Music, Artist Rob Olins is planning to make an exciting new multi-sensory experience using Sound Mirrors to tour special schools in the South West during 2014-2015.

Sound Mirrors are large forms that reflect sound. The mirrors focus soundwaves in space, so that at some points one hears what appears to be an “all round” audio experience, and then by moving a small distance – sometimes with only a slight movement of the head – the volume and quality disappears.

Consequently, as one moves about the space what one hears changes radically. The reflectors are painted bright, saturated colours to also give the observer a pleasurable visual experience and arranged in such a way as to encourage people to explore the installation. The installation can be adapted to suit the school and can be sited either inside, outside or both, and will be on site for c.3 weeks.

As part of the project pupils will have the opportunity to work with Drake Music to create and record music and sounds for their own 5 track sound collage which will form the sound environment for the installation.

‘Many pupils from Ysol Crug Glas (with PMLD) made an interactive visit to The House of Mirrors exhibition, Swansea.  Each of the pupils took a different slant on the exhibition relevant to their needs and interests. Pupils with little or no vision could be observed listening intently and showing an awareness of the glowing sound dishes. Some autistic children fixed on swinging the dishes, others hiding behind them and walking around and around them’ Clare Hobson, Teacher.

For more information and to register your interest in taking part contact Anna MacGregor at Drake Music on or 0117 353 3614.

External funding is being sought for this project. Schools will be asked to make a small donation of c.£200 to the cost of the installation and Drake Music workshops.