Drake Music in the Independent

Drake Music were featured in the Independent today, in an article about the new instrument developed as part of our hackathon at the Web We Want festival at the Southbank Centre.

Coder Charles and musician John working together
Image Credit: Emile Holba // Drake Music

The hackathon saw coders and musicians come together to create new pieces of assistive music technology. One of the big success stories was the development of a new type of guitar for professional musician John Kelly.

Coder Charles Matthews and John worked together to create the new instrument – nicknamed the ‘Kellycaster’ – in just two days. The hacked guitar is bespoke to John’s needs, meaning he can achieve a high quality of sound and expression when playing live or recording.

The hackathon was part of our Research and Development programme, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Read all about it in the article below.

Article from the Independent about John Kelly and the Drake Music Hackathon