DMLab LIVE at MozFest 2016

We are excited to announce that we will be bringing DMLab LIVE to MozFest at the end of October.

MozFest is a national festival of the web and all things digital, taking place in London. DMLab LIVE is all about getting hands on with new accessible music technology.

The event organised by Mozilla Foundation, the charitable arm of Mozilla who run the Firefox internet browser, is taking place on 29-30 October at Ravensboune near to London’s 02.

MozFest 2016 is set to receive over 2000 visitors and play host to sessions from over 300 individuals and organisations.

Drake Music is attending in our capacity as an Arts Award centre and we will be delivering a digital arts workshop where you can get hands on and play with accessible music technology – from simple off-the-shelf kit like iPads and Skoogs to some of the DIY bespoke musical instruments we have developed through DMLab.

Hacked instrument using a muscle movement sensor, powered by Bela
Hacked instrument using a muscle movement sensor, powered by Bela

Our session is part of our Think2020 programme and will be taking place in the Digital Arts & Culture space which this year is hosted by Arts Award.

The Digital Arts and Culture space at Mozfest will explore the relationship between the arts, technology and the web and will feature hands-on workshops and demos including music, animation, gaming, vlogging, digital design and Virtual Reality. Collaborators include the BBC, Samsung, universities, galleries, museums and musical organisations like Drake Music.

Join us, jump in, have a go, have a play, jam and make music!

Tickets for Mozfest are available from their website.