Charlotte White’s Musical Flight


Listen to ‘Charlotte White’s Musical Flight’ on BBC Radio 4:

From the BBC press release:

Josie d’Arby tells the remarkable story of Charlotte White’s road to musical redemption.

As a teenager, Charlotte performed the opening bars of the prelude to Bach’s cello suite. Perhaps not so remarkable until you learn that Charlotte is profoundly disabled and performed the piece using assistive technology, with every crotchet and quaver triggered through the slightest movements of her head and thumbs.

Josie meets this remarkable young woman and discovers how Charlotte was largely written off by mainstream society, enduring cooking classes and music therapy that she describes as “seriously patronising”.

Josie finds out about the moment the Drake Music Project entered Charlotte’s life, firing up her imagination with music, providing her with the equipment necessary to perform and compose and helping to crack the shell into which she had retreated.

Presenter/Josie d’Arby, Producer/Toby Field for the BBC

“Just a line to add to no doubt many others saying huge congratulations
on such a wonderful Radio 4 programme on Sunday. I have listened again
and made notes! Thank you for getting such a high profile slot for our
fascinating specialist world.”
Sally Zimmerman, RNIB