Work in progress

Young musician performing live on iPad at Drake Music gig

We currently have a range of commissions in progress’ from emerging and more established disabled musicians as part of our PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner and Emergent: A Music Legacy programmes.

Established musicians

Oliver Cross

Oliver stands on the Fens before a ploughed field. He is wearing round shades and looking into the camera as he plays his harmonicaInspired by Oliver’s locality of Cambridge, this work will be a fusion of English and Romanian folk music, part concert and part collaboration with the audience. Oliver and his trio of musicians will perform/improvise along to filmed footage of English and Romanian scenes such as landscapes, people and machinery. Audience members will be invited on stage and into the performance via the use of accessible iPad apps.

Steve Varden

Steve poses with his synth and keyboard wearing a brightly coloured shirt and a hat with flowers onSteve is currently investigating tech and performance options which will allow him to record and play with audience-created sound during his live set.

He will use loop technology to build a performance from nothing, taking his sounds, ideas and inspiration from the audience he meets. His inspiration is based around ‘Data Clouds’ and how people data (be that actual data or their ideas, text messages or voicemails) can be used to create music.

Emerging musicians:

Louis Walkden

Louis performs onstage with keyboard & microphone and bold visualsFor his Emergent commission Louis has written a catchy new indiepop song about his love of charity shops. He is currently working with Carousel and Oska Bright to create a music video to bring it to life.

Look out for more details about “Magpie”  coming soon!

Robyn Steward

Pictured against a light background Robyn leans back as she plays the trumpetUsing live trumpet and loop pedals to create melody and rhythm, Robyn will bring a new dimension to her work for this commission.

She will immerse herself within, and be surrounded by, the audience.

As Robyn is at the start of her commission, Drake Music are currently working with her to explore how the audience can help shape the live performance.


Dike Okoh

Dike wears a black trilby hat and his black suit and white shirt are just visible. He looks down with the brim of his hat pulled low and a slight smileAs a disabled artist Dike see his brain injury as a signal flow abnormality, or quirk. As a musician he aims to explore how signal flow, electrical currents and side chaining affects clarity and balance when recording or mixing a song.

He will interview and chat to people who have experienced brain injury, using their words to compose a pop song where digital software and electronic sounds act as a metaphor for brain activity and thoughts.


Ewan Mackay

A formal portrait of Ewan who smiles as he looks off-camera. He is wearing a tuxedo and bowtie and his hair is neatly combed to one side.Ewan will work with his audience to create, perform, name and premiere a brand new piece of music, all in one night. The performance will begin with an empty score sheet and will end with an entirely new creation composed by the audience.

Using a set of predefined criteria, such as a scale, duration of the final piece, time signature and tempo, Ewan will work with participants from the audience to create the commission, using Sibelius composing technology to demonstrate that composition does not need to be complex and can be achieved by anyone.