Music & DET

Course Overview

Our Disability Equality Training package enables individuals and organisations to develop inclusive and accessible services and promote active participation and involvement in music by disabled people.

The training looks at the root causes of exclusion and discrimination, as well as the historic context behind the stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about disabled people.

It will also provide participants with the awareness and resources needed to comply with the law and current good practice.

Attendees will gain a good understanding of the issues which affect musical participation and confidence in how to break down disabling barriers to music-making.

Who is it for?

This full day or half day course is suitable for all – music hub staff, arts organisations, service providers, teachers, community musicians, lecturers, healthcare professionals, trainers and anyone with an interest in disability & equality in relation to music.

‘Disability Equality Training for Music’ and ‘Music and Disabled People: An introduction to real participation in music-making‘ can also be combined into a single full-day course.

How to book

Contact Douglas Noble, our National Manager for Training and Consultancy:

The cost will vary depending on the level and length of the course. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.