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using ipads to make music

Course Overview

iPads offer a wealth of exciting opportunities for music-making in general and, in particular, for people who face learning and or physically disabling barriers. iPads are a valuable resource for music teachers, schools, healthcare providers and arts organisations, but getting the most out of them requires some technical knowledge and training.

Taking a thoughtful, systematic approach to using iPads in music sessions and workshops can ensure that the music making is accessible, fun and reflects the musical interests of the young person or adult participating in the session.

This course gives practical, hands-on tuition in how to use an iPad as a piece of assistive music technology in order to break down disabling barriers to music. You will learn about different apps and how to use them in a classroom or music workshop setting for adults or children and young people.

Attendees will gain real insight into the possibilities an iPad can offer and how to make the most of this instrument to open up access to creative music making for learners with a range of abilities.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone who would either like to develop their existing use of iPads for music, or who are completely new to using iPads in this way.

Attendees do not need to be ‘musical’ or ‘technical’ – enthusiasm to learn and a dedication to high quality inclusive and accessible music-making is all that is required.

How to book

The cost will vary depending on the level and length of the course. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange for Drake Music to deliver training in your school, arts organisation or music hub.

Contact Douglas Noble, our National Manager for Training and Consultancy: douglasnoble@drakemusic.org