iPads as instruments – Level 1

using ipads to make music

“Ben’s training gave me lots of ideas and inspiration for how to improve my teaching using a variety of apps on the iPad. It also gave me ideas for how to include certain pupils more in my music lessons using the iPad”

Claire Myres, Music Teacher

About the training:

iPads offer a wealth of exciting opportunities for music-making in general and, in particular, for people who face learning and or physically disabling barriers.

iPads can be a valuable resource for music teachers and schools, but getting the most out of them requires some technical knowledge and training. Get an introduction to different accessible music making apps and activities for classrooms and workshops, using the iPad.

Attendees will gain real insight into the possibilities an iPad can offer and how to make the most of this instrument to open up access to creative music making for learners with a range of abilities.

Suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • Music teachers and leaders working in mainstream, specialist and community settings
  • Ideal for those who haven’t used the iPad to make music before

Practical info:

  • This is a half day session and can be run both on and offline.
  • It can be booked for 15 people in person and 25 people online.
  • If booking online you must provide your own iPads. For in-person training Drake Music will supply the equipment.

How to book:

Costs vary depending on location, access requirements and any content changes. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Contact: info@drakemusic.org