Approaches to accessible music-making

Do we need expensive equipment to enable accessible music-making?

This course explores the technology and approaches that are available for those with a limited budget.

Course Overview

Alongside hi-tech assistive music technology such as Soundbeam, there is a choice of low-tech, inexpensive equipment and software packages that can enable inclusive participation in music.

If you wish to improve musical inclusivity in your lessons or workshops, but are unable to invest in expensive kit, then this course is for you.

This hands-on training course offers practical approaches to creating accessible music-making sessions. From the humble microphone, through to simple accessible switches that trigger sounds and loops, there are a range of different options to enable greater involvement and creative participation for SEN/D participants or all ages and abilities.

If that sounds technical, don’t worry. Our experienced trainers are experts in teaching people of all levels and abilities and will take you through each technique, breaking it down step-by-step.

We have over 20 years’ experience of breaking down disabling barriers to active music making, and in that time we have developed a wealth of innovative ideas, approaches and techniques which we will share with you in this training session.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone who wishes to improve access to music making and break down disabling barriers to participation. It is suitable for those with no accessible music technology available to them, but is also an excellent partner course to the AMT training we offer.

This is a fantastic course for healthcare, community, arts and education professionals who wish to improve the accessibility of their music services.

How to book

To discuss booking Drake Music to deliver a course at your organisation please contact Douglas Noble, our National Manager for Training and Consultancy: