Accredited learning

We offer different ways of accrediting young people’s progress in music, including Arts Award and Sounds of Intent.

Previously we offered an accredited qualification called Compose and Perform, but this is now no longer available.

Compose and Perform offered an accessible route for young Disabled people to progress further with music and achieve an accredited qualification. The aim was to address the lack of progression routes in music for young Disabled people for whom traditional exams are inaccessible.

Compose & Perform is the first course that I have ever found that is specifically designed with special needs students in mind.”
Jocelyn Watkins (Classic FM SEN Music Teacher of the Year 2013)

Compose & Perform Qualification (now closed)

The Compose and Perform Qualification is no longer available. Information about what the course used to offer is included here as a reference only.

Compose & Perform Logo

It is fully inclusive, enabling disabled and non-disabled students to work together and offers content and support for teachers to deliver and assess the qualification.

Since the course began we have had over 100 young people achieve an accredited outcome.

About the course

Compose and Perform offers a chance for schools to work with leading specialists in inclusive music education field to widen the musical skills and horizons of both pupils and teachers.

This course covers the key skills needed for young people to engage with music, in a flexible format tailored to fit the unique needs ofeach individual school and learners.

There are four core units. They can be taken individually, or all together as a KS4 course.

The Compose And Perform course can also help you to meet the National Curriculum for music and Drake Music will support teachers through the process.

There is no requirement for the units to be completed in a specific timeframe or order, or for all units to be taken which allows flexibility in how the course is delivered.

Your school can adapt the course to suit the specific needs of your pupils and to offer progression for mixed groups at different levels.

What does it offer?

This course is beneficial for both learners and teachers.

For young disabled musicians Compose And Perform offers:

  • An Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2 accredited qualification
  • Flexible inclusive learning options to suit different abilities
  • Unique breadth and depth of musical learning
  • Fun lessons covering performance, composition, chance music and film soundtracks

For schools & teachers it offers:

  • A day of specialist teacher training
  • Ongoing one-to-one support for teachers to provide fully accessible music education
  • Lesson content and part of a KS3/4 level music curriculum
  • Clear criteria for planning and delivering music-making sessions
  • Specialist advice on music technology use
  • Expert guidance on assessment, evidence collection and accreditation

Next Steps

We are working on producing free resources which teachers, music leaders and schools can use to deliver accessible music lessons and support learners to achieve an accredited outcome.

The resources will be shared on this site in 2020/21.