Call & Echo – Accessible Singing At Stephen Hawking School, London

In this video the Teacher and Teaching Assistants are doing a ‘call & echo’ singing activity with 5 pupils, during a Drake Music/Sounds Of Intent session at the school. They are using only 1 microphone and when there is a break in the song, it is the pupil’s turn to sing (do the call) and the rest of the group then reply by repeating the sound back (doing the echo).

The song/activity they are doing in this video demonstrates a way in which you can encourage participation and interaction through vocalising and singing within a group, using a microphone.

Although using a microphone is not necessary to make this activity engaging or  ‘better’ – but it can help to encourage vocalising especially if someone has a very soft quiet voice or non-verbal – and from my experience, when you have an echo effect or funny high/low pitch effect on the microphone, it can really encourage the pupil to make more sounds!…..TOP TIP: make sure you are close to the volume dial on the speaker!

Have you looked at the Sounds Of Intent framework yet? If not, I can highly recommend doing so.