Emergent Commissions 2019

We have 3 exciting opportunities for Deaf and/or Disabled musicians to

  • create a new piece of music
  • collaborate with a film-maker and technologist to make a film to accompany it

Below is information about the commission theme, who is eligible and how to apply.

The Emergent Commissions

The Emergent Commissions are part of Drake Music’s artistic programme, which supports Disabled musicians to develop their work and careers, so that they can play a major part in the wider cultural landscape.

Emergent: A Music Legacy is a Drake Music programme, funded by Help Musicians UK, to commission and train emerging Disabled musicians. For the 2019/20 commissions we are working in partnership with Sound and Music. We are seeking proposals from Disabled musicians to create new work which brings together music and film. The style of music is open and a free choice of those applying.

These commissions enable emerging Deaf and/or Disabled Musicians to work in new ways and reach new audiences.

Commission benefits:

  • £750 commission fee
  • mentoring by a Drake Music Associate Musician
  • support from the wider Drake Music team to create an original piece of music
  • inclusion in the British Music Collection, an archive and discovery platform for new music in the UK, run by Sound and Music

Who can apply?

The commissions are open to early-career artists who self-identify as Deaf or Disabled.

The term ‘artists’ is used in an inclusive way to include musicians of all genres, performers or artists who use music or sound within their career. This means all types of musicians, including sound artists, singers, DJs, instrumentalists, technologists etc. The term ‘emerging’ or ‘early-career’ is also used in an inclusive way. We relate it to experience, not age, including musicians who are changing direction, or trying something new.

For example, you may be fresh out of uni and ready to make your mark on the music scene. Perhaps you have made music for a while, but never applied for a professional commission before. Or maybe your previous musical practice is now inaccessible to you, so you are developing a new approach or playing a different instrument.

Commission Theme

Music and Film

We are asking for proposals that respond to the question “What does it mean to be you and living in today’s society?”.

You can respond to this provocation however you wish; it can be funny, thought-provoking, or bold and upfront, but – above all – it must be relevant.

Therefore, we are seeking proposals that use music and/or sound in a way which provides a social commentary on Great Britain in 2020.
The awarded commissionees will then collaborate with a film-maker and technologist to explore how their idea can be represented visually in a way that goes beyond a traditional ‘music video’.

How can music and sound lead and direct moving image? How can visual interpretation support and enhance the narrative and message of the music?

Commissioning Process

The new piece of music will be:

  • 3-5 minutes in length
  • Be a creative response using ‘Music and Film’ to the question above
  • Produced or created using music technology. This can include anything and everything, from apps and GarageBand, through to advanced music software.

Phase 1 – Each commission winner will undertake an intense 3-day period of Research and Development, working with a film-maker, technologist and creative advisor to explore ideas, themes and creative responses.

Phase 2 – Commission winners undertake their own period of creation, supported by a mentor, to develop their new pieces of music.

Phase 3 – Commission winners work with the film-makers to create their short music film.

Timeframe (draft)

  • Deadline for Proposals – 5pm, 14th October 2019
  • Commissions announced – 21st October 2019
  • Commission induction Day – TBC
  • Phase 1 – Research and Development – November/December 2019
  • Phase 2 – Creation period – January/February 2020
  • Phase 3 – Film making – February/March 2020
  • Commission completed and submitted – March 2020
  • Commission Showcasing – April 2020

How to apply

The Commission Panel will be looking to support emerging Deaf and/or Disabled musicians who have demonstrated a real desire to create new music, or recognised potential.

You can apply using one of the following formats:

  • In writing (500 words per section)
  • Video clip (3 minutes per section)
  • Audio clip (3 minutes per section)

Please tell us:

  • A bit about yourself
  • Why you are applying for this commission
  • How you will respond to the theme & quesion
  • What type or style of music you want to create

Please also send:

  • 1 example of any previous work

Support and Access

Drake Music will provide a mentor and additional support from the wider DM team. Access support will be provided as required, in discussion with the successful applicant.

If you require Drake Music to make any reasonable adjustments to the proposal process, please do get in touch to discuss.

Email: miryamsolomon@drakemusic.org or call the Drake Music office on 020 7739 5444. Please be aware that Miryam works part time.

Send Proposals to:

Email: MiryamSolomon@drakemusic.org
Deadline: 5pm, 14th October 2019