Want to be a music maker? Join Platform

We are excited to announce Platform, a new opportunity for Disabled people in Bristol to get into music making!

Platform offers the chance to explore your creativity with music in a fun, accessible and inclusive way. It is a partnership with Bristol Beacon.

Want to make music? Sign up now for this free activity. No experience is needed and musicians of all levels are welcome, beginner, enthusiast or experienced musician.

A zoom screen where people are all pointing in different directionsWe will start with a series of 7 one-to-one sessions online. This means you can get to know our Associate Musicians, who will guide you to explore your musical interests and skills.

After that we will invite you to get together with the other Platform musicians, either online or in person (in a safe, socially-distanced way). This is a chance to make music with others, to rehearse and even perform together.

child's hand reaching out to play iPad instrumentWe will use a range of different instruments, from traditional ones you’ll recognise (like keyboards), through to new types of accessible instruments and technology (like iPads).

When we get together in person we will provide instruments to play. If you don’t have any instruments to use at home for the online sessions, talk to us and we can explore options.

Platform is a partnership with Bristol Beacon.

Get Involved

To find out more, talk to us about your access requirements or book a place, please contact louisebetts@drakemusic.org.uk

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