Starting out at Drake Music



Cheese PlantIt’s been four weeks since I started here at Drake Music London and it has been a wonderfully varied and jam packed time. I have met a number of musicians, read a number of reports about past projects, met all of the wonderful team based in the office and been lucky enough to observe a Ramp it Up Project, in action in a school in Southwark. It was an amazing experience for me and really stood to highlight how powerful a tool music can be when used well.

A young student had just joined the group that morning and despite not having met Gary or Joe who were leading the session, and not having had much opportunity to connect with her peers, was able to fully participate in the session playing a solo response and call piece in front of the whole group. It was real privilege to be able to witness this.

Another wonderful thing that I have noticed is the wonderful breadth of expertise and experience within in the team, everybody has such variety of experience and interest in the arts sector that is clearly used to inform the work and ensure that Drake Music remains innovative, consistently responding to developments in technology and policy.

So in short I am having a wonderful time and cannot wait to see what else lies in store.

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