C&C Music Commission ‘Chinatown My Chinatown’


This Monday will see the beginning of a Drake Music Connect and Collaborate Music Commission.

Music Director, Gary Day tells us a bit about the commission,

‘I will reinterpret/re-imagine a 3 to 4 minute piece of music that is out of copyright. The piece I have chosen, ‘Chinatown My Chinatown’ is considered a jazz standard written in 1906 by Jean Schwartz and William Jerome.  

I will be working with a group of 3 experienced disabled musicians over 3 sessions who will be using a range of assistive music technology (AMT) instruments to compose and perform parts. We will be doing a mix of live group recording/improvising and also track by track recording to create this rework.’

Drake Music will be working with musicians Rosie Vachat, Mik Scarlett and Matthew Woodcock to create a reinterpretation of Chinatown My Chinatown’

Keep watching this space for more news and updates on the project …

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