WITCiH – Women in tech event

On the 14th June we attended the Women in Tech event hosted by the interdisciplinary musician and artist Bishi.

WITCiH is an online platform and event series which aims to highlight, celebrate & showcase women currently working in technology with a focus on creativity & the arts.

The event featured a fascinating talk and presentation by Rachel Winfield, founder and creative director of Loop.ph a laboratory operating across art, architecture and science.

Rachel’s work examines new ways of re-imagining the urban and public landscape and encourages conversations about environmental health, community and well being.

On the night were musical performances from Bishi and Drake Music ambassador Imogen Heap.

Bishi previewed songs from her forthcoming EP ‘Winds of Fate’ in a performance which explored live looping and video projection.

Imogen Heap demonstrated the Mi.Mu gloves – a wearable technology for the performance and composition of music, which Drake Music are a partner & collaborator on.

Image from Dezeen video of Kris's hand in black glove with wires
Image from Dezeen video

She spoke about her collaboration with Drake Music Associate musician Kris Halpin and performed the song ‘Breath’ in which she demonstrated in detail how the sounds are mapped and programmed onto the gloves, and triggered by hand gestures and movements.

It was a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to learning more about WITCiH in the future.

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