Social media strategy at Drake Music


Hello. As this is my first blog post on my newly-created Drake Music blog I wanted to introduce myself and share what I am working on for Drake Music.

My work covers two areas: 1) social media strategy and 2) the unconference. The two are very much related as both are concerned with using social media tools to help create work, share work and develop the reach and impact of Drake Music.

In terms of creating a social media strategy for Drake Music, my approach looks like this:

1. Look at what is working and capitalise on that

2. Identify ways of using social tools that fit with the realities of work (ie time/tech challenges)

3. Support DM through coaching in using tools and sharing the successes, or otherwise, of our social media efforts.

Clearly, Drake Music is already doing an amazing amount online, which is why we need to make the most of what is working.

So what will this approach look like in action? Well, we will be creating the strategy through ‘doing’. That means working on ‘experiments’ to test out what works. I’ll be working on three experiments with three people around the organisation to test out our hypotheses on what we think will happen if we use social media tools in certain ways.

The experiments will be agreed with those taking part and with Carien and will be aligned to theses three strategic goals:

1.    Develop our artistic offer, encourage progression and innovation in music and multidisciplinary work
2.    Increasing engagement and reach
3.    Building the business

At the end of my work, Drake Music will have a clear picture on what has worked and will be able to build on this. It will also have three people who will be able to share their knowledge and support others in developing their use of these tools.

I am planning to narrate the journey for all to see – DM and our wider network – as I believe (and Carien does too) that we all have a lot to learn in being open in our approach – that will mean blog posts from me.

I think it is critical we understand what works for us as an organisation and that includes our clients and supporters too.

Hope that all makes sense – please let me know what you think!


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