DM social strategy experiment #1 – Ben Glass in Brazil


Following on from my post about how we are approaching the creation of a social media strategy, I am delighted to share some details about one of the three ‘experiments’.

Ben Glass will be attending two events in Brazil in April – one is an accessible music technology fair, the other a symposium on accessibility in music. Ben will be creating music using clips from UK musicians mixed with live play from Brazilian musicians – he’ll also be taking with him the latest soundbeam (more on that in the interview below). This seemed like an interesting trip to document and Ben has kindly agreed to use some social media tools to tell and share his story.

The aims of the experiment are:

Create a documented project – telling the story as it unfolds and also at the same time creating an ‘archive’ for future reference and sharing.
Build followers – to build followers, especially international ones. We think this should happen as a result of using tools like Twitter.
Make international connections – our hunch is that by sharing what he is doing, Ben could build some useful connections in Brazil and maybe beyond.

These are our hypotheses and Ben has kindly agreed to test them out!

After meeting earlier in the week, Ben has already set up the following accounts:


He also plans to set up an Instagram and SoundCloud account.

We also did a quick interview in which Ben explains a bit more about what he would like to achieve from the experiment. Key to this is having a hub for all his activities which will be a Tumblr blog – this means he can post once, distribute everywhere.

Listen to the interview:

Listen to Ben Glass on the aims of his Drake Music social media experiment on Audioboo//

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